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TOP 10 Jamaican Celeb Image Makeovers @duttyberryshow

It has been said that there’s only one thing in life that remains constant and that is change. These ten well known Jamaicans have, for various reasons, altered their appearance. Some for the good and others for the bad.  I’m sure they all wish that they could erase the embarrassing pics, but hey, they can’t, so I’m here to remind you just how much their image has enhanced or worsened.

10)  Leftside


Craig ‘Leftside’ Parks is a talented dancehall artiste.  He gained local recognition as part of the dancehall duo (Leftside and Esco) for the hit song ‘Tuck Een Yuh Belly’ in 2005.  Since then, the medium built entertainer has transformed himself into a buff, heroic looking figure.  Seems as if being part of a duo was holding him back from his true physical potential.  These days, he is the star of his own empire, managing his own label, KeepLeft Records, as well as songwriting and producing.

9) Keiva


Keiva Hibbert is proof that pregnancy isn’t always bad for a woman’s body. Have you seen her lately? This is the best she has ever looked.  Her hips, her thighs and her derriere have all been super-sized and it’s definitely a welcomed blessing.  Keiva, during the early years of her incredible career sported very borderline tomboy image but these days the dancehall diva has morphed into a sultry vixen.  What else is there to say? If you got it flaunt it.

8) Veronica Campbell-Brown


Veronica Campbell-Brown, such beauty, such poise and such a stunning lady.  However, this was not always the case.  Do you remember her medal ceremony at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens?  I’m sure after looking at the clip she made a vow to herself never to look like Nanny of the Maroons again. Now, she has invested in a good weave, quality makeup and exquisite clothes.  So, these days when she graces the track she looks like true sprinting royalty. Go VCB Go!

7) Craigy T


Craigy Thompson, is 1/4 of popular dancehall group T.O.K.  The deejay, since the genesis of the group, has been overweight but it wasn’t until a few years ago, he emerged back onto the local scene with renewed energy, a new image and a much slimmer physique.  Time has surely been kind to you Mr. Rising Stars judge.

6) Stacious


If yuh a goodaz and yuh know it clap yuh hand“.  Stacious with this ‘remixed’ body that you have developed, I think your entire body deserves a round of applause combined with a standing ovation.  The voluptuous star’s weight has fluctuated throughout her career but a year ago she finally decided to vehemently focus on her weight loss goals.  At present, she is 40 pounds lighter with a banging body that even Nicki Minaj would envy.   I bet she doesn’t have to beseech anyone to come into her room anymore,

5) Christopher Martin


Do you remember the skinny, innocent and saintly Christopher Martin on Rising Stars back in 2005? Now fast forward to 2013.  He has changed a lot, right?  His confidence has peaked. He has now become one of the island’s top performers and in case you have not been noticing, he isn’t a little twig anymore.  After winning Rising Stars, Chris seemed to have focused primarily on ensuring that he was as marketable as possible and luckily he succeeded.  He now sports a super ripped body the he flaunts everywhere.  Let’s hope Cecile isn’t the jealous type.

4) Cecile


“Changes I’ve been going through cause I wanna be with you. Baby don’t you wanna be with me?”. Cecile has certainly been like the Jamaican Madonna in terms of constantly reinventing herself.  She has always had the lyrical content but lacked a proper image that would really propel her to the next level.  At the start of her career she was often compared to the Bride of Chucky and I guess eventually she got tired of it and decided to make some ‘changes’.  After a short hiatus, she returned in 2006 with the music video for ‘Hot Like That’, showing off her brand new look and ‘bad gal’ image. Since then she has become one of the the industry’s most fashionable women. Oh, by the way Cecile, I sincerely hope that you got the with the person you made these ‘changes’ for.

3) Pepita


Former Intense host, former Rising Stars Chill Room host, Tastee Talent host and now actress, Pepita is well on her way to becoming the nation’s next Denise Hunt. The 22 year old is quite a mini media mogul.  In her five years in the industry she has accomplished more than many twice her age in the field.  However, over the space of five years, the gorgeous media personality’s weight has not been consistent.  Initially, she had a naturally slim and curvy body.  In 2011 she gained a bit of a weight, then in 2012 she appeared at the Youth View Award revealing her extremely thin new figure.  Let’s hope that all is well with her and that she’ll return to her bombshell figure once more.

2) Buju Banton


The years have not been kind to Buja Banton.  The reggae superstar was one of the 1st dancehall acts to successfully make the transition from hardcore dancehall to reggae.  At the start of his career he sported a low cut but after crossing over to the Rastafarian faith in the late 90s he began to assume a more unrefined appearance.  He is only 41 years old but looks a lot older.  It’s definitely not an easy road Buju.

1) Vybz Kartel


Cool like me wash mi face with the cake soap“.  Adijah Palmer, is arguably the most controversial artiste the Caribbean has ever seen. In 2011, Kartel ignited the social media world after posting a pic of himself rocking a completely different skin tone and image.  He discarded the thug image and adopted a more ‘mainstream’ one.  This sparked island-wide discussions as to whether or not cake soap could actually bleach the skin and needless to say, bleaching among the male population increased. I hereby declare Vybz Kartel the dancehall chameleon.

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7 Lessons We Can Learn From The Jamaican Athletes in Moscow @duttyberryshow

Welcome to the DuttyBerryShow blog! As I watched the Jamaican team compete during the 2013 World Championships, I couldn’t help feeling inspired.  Athletics to me isn’t just a sport. It represents a physical exhibition of passion, determination, talent and courage.  By taking a closer look at these events, several life lessons can be attained and hopefully utilized to enhance our ability to react and understand many of life’s challenges.

  1. Life is a b*t*h


Have you ever felt as if you were cursed?  I’m sure we all have felt that way at one point in our lives.  Sometimes, we aspire towards a goal but for some unknown reason, we keep hitting into hurdles.  Kaliese Spencer came into the championships as one of the favorites in the 400m hurdles.  Sadly, she was disqualified in the heats and just as a window of hope appeared in the 4*4 relay, the team acquired a disqualification.  Can you imagine how devastated she must feel?  Some may blame it on obeah, others will simply term it as bad-luck, while the optimist will view it as ‘just a phase’.  Whatever you term it, we can all conclude that life is full of ups and downs.  Failure is inevitable. So the question is, will you dwell in your negativity or visualize yourself clearing the other hurdles ahead?

 2)  Sometimes our best isn’t good enough to get us to where we’d want to be


You must have seen Stephanie McPherson running her heart out in the 400m final or Kimberly Williams acquiring a new Personal Best (14.62) in the triple jump, just missing out on the bronze medal or even Nickel Ashmeade being denied the bronze medal by Curtis Mitchell in the 200m final.  Performing at your very best, despite falling short, should never be overlooked.  It’s imperative that you learn that doing your best, won’t always make you a ‘winner’ but you should still be proud of your efforts. So big up all the athletes who represented us well, whether you medalled or not!

3) Always trust God 

ALeqM5i0YwCzhGXm21E5DKcI6Tt2y8g8XQFor every achievement, never forget to thank God. When life gets hard, often times it is our spirituality that will take us through it.  Those moments when you are uncertain about the future or feeling doubtful, that is when your spiritually should provide guidance. Be grateful. Be thankful, just like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. I swear, she never forgets God in all her success.

4) Never give up. Don’t simply dream.., chase,hunt and capture your goals


That final leg by Javon Francis will be a story we share to our grandchildren when we are old and grey.  The Jamaican 4*4 relay team, despite losing one of their fastest sprinters due to injury, refocused and prepared themselves to execute.  Not only did they prepare well, they ran vehemently to attain the silver medal.  This goes to show how powerful the mind is. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Never place your dreams in a cabinet for it to remain unused and remain stationary.  Pursue your goals like a cheetah in the wild searching for prey.

5) Be an Inspiration to others


Too whom much is given, much is expected.  Always try to motivate those around you, especially when you discover that they may aspire to be like you.  Usain Bolt, as accomplished as he is, seems to always ensure that he contributes by building the confidence of those around him.

6) Never Allow yourself to be intimidated by others


Am I the only one who found it funny to hear Warren Weir state his intent to beat Bolt? Did you watch the post race interview with Kemar Bailey-Cole complaining and blaming himself for not getting a medal? Bear in mind that Bolt, Gatlin and Carter ran faster all season yet he still believed that he was good enough to gain a medal. These two young men are very confident in their abilities and are fearless.  This is the sort of character that makes one a champion.

7) Your failure is sometimes necessary to create an opportunity for someone else


In 2008, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce addition to the Jamaican team prevented Veronica Campbell-Brown from competing in the 100m at the Olympic Games in Beijing.  At the time Shelly was an unknown talent and many people felt Veronica should have been selected instead of Shelly. As fate would have it, Shelly went on to become the first Caribbean woman to win 100m gold at the Olympic Games. Similarly, Nesta Carter’s 1st individual medal was alot easier to attain with Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Tyson Gay, three of the fastest men in 100m history, out of the picture.  To be honest, I believe that Carter was most deserving of the opportunity to compete in the 100m in Moscow. So as weird as it sounds, in some strange way, your fall might just be destined to allow someone else a chance to rise.