No. I Am Not Single.


100 From The Core

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “Are you single?”, and people are always baffled by my answer, “Yes, I am.” I have never been involved in an intimate relationship, and neither do I know how it feels to be in love. However, it has taken awhile for me to accept the fact that I am not single, but very much taken, and who I am taken by deserves to be lauded for always being there: helping me to ride out my storms, sharing a box of Kleenex with me while watching the final episode of Gossip Girl, and never getting upset at me to the point of threatening to leave me.

It dawned on me that when I was rejected, lied to, mistakenly cheated on, taken advantage of and looked pass, there were always three persons that were there waiting to catch and save me from…

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3 thoughts on “No. I Am Not Single.

  1. ProgrammingGodJordan

    Salutations Berry,

    I am a Jamaican software fellow & subscriber.


    Perhaps it is exigent that you spread these statistics :

    ..Some quick FACTS to think about:

    1) It is a FACT is that the HAPPIEST PLACES in the world have the LEAST RELIGION.

    2) It is a FACT that the places with the LEAST CRIME have the LEAST RELIGION.

    3) It is a FACT that the WEALTHIEST nations have the LEAST RELIGION. [Eg: Singapore no religion=18%, Niger no religion=0-0.3%]

    4) It is a FACT that the MOST EDUCATED people are the LEAST RELIGIOUS.



    Evidence[1] – HAPPIEST PLACES…:

    Evidence[2] – LEAST CRIME…:

    Evidence[3] – WEALTHIEST nations…:

    Evidence[4] – MOST EDUCATED…:


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