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Can you imagine having to actually meet someone in person and engaging in a conversation?  Sounds weird, right?  Facebook emerged  in 2004 and since then, it has gone on to totally revolutionize the art of human interaction and more specifically how we date. Since people are spending an increasing amount of time on the network, chances are your next partner could already be in your friends list hinting that they are interested in you.  Pay attention to the following clues and you could be well on your to leaving team single behind.


  1. Likes all your pictures and statuses

This is probably the most obvious thing that someone can do that would indicated their interest in you.  If he/she likes everything that you upload or post, regardless of how silly the post maybe, that person is crushing hard.

2) Pokes you

Honestly, this is the most annoying thing someone can do online.  However, some people are into poking and see it as a form of flirting.  This practice can take place with someone who is not even apart of your friends list, and in that case it’s a sure sign that he/she may be into you.  Whatever you do, don’t engage in a poke war, if you have never communicated with the person.  I find that creepy.

3)  Greets you with a message the minute you’re online

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in Facebook world, “Ain’t nobody got time to waste.” Your admirer will be constantly monitoring their chat list to see if that green light is beside your name.  In extreme cases, your chat is left open in order to make your arrival online easily visible.  Look out for smileys after statements. For example “Hey 🙂 “.  This shows that they are excited to chat with you.

4) Mentions your activities in conversations

You gotta be cautious with this one.  On one hand, it could be an adorable thing, but on the other hand, it screams stalker.  If you posted that you went to a Sean Paul concert two months ago and he/she mentions that you’re a Dancehall fan and that Sean Paul is your favorite artiste, then you most definitely know they have been drawn to you for quite some time and was consumed with your timeline.

5) Finds silly excuses to communicate with you shortly after you’ve posted sexy pics

As humans we are sexual creatures.  For some reason, the minute you post a picture showcasing your physique, the shyest of persons will suddenly develop intense ‘thirst’  gain enough courage to start a conversation online.  If he/she has been in your friend list for a while, and never sought to contact you until u shared a skimpy provocative pic of yourself, then you don’t need to second guess if they find you attractive.

6) Tries to appeal to your interests

If you are known to be a huge anime fan and all of a sudden you realize that someone in your friend list has started to post videos of all the anime you’ve stated that you enjoy, he/she is desperately trying to get your attention and hoping for you to comment.

7) Supports anything you do online

You will never find a more supportive person than someone who likes you.  If you’ve entered a contest and asked them to vote, they will go above and beyond to assist you.  The second your twitter,youtube, watsapp, or pin, instagram or vine info is posted, rest assured that you will be added faster than Bolt in a 100m.

8)  Jumps at any possible opportunity to comment on your status or post on your wall

A birthday greeting is a treasure piece for someone who is secretly into you on Facebook. Especially if no previous communication has occurred.  Usually, only close friends would leave a birthday greeting that goes beyond “HBD”, but if someone is attracted to you, they will make the effort to ensure that their greeting is memorable.  Also, if you’ve made a reasonably ‘good’ post and none of your actual friends have either, liked, shared or commented on it, rest assured that your reliable admirer will come to the rescue.  Why? Because they will be given a chance to be visible and remembered as the only one who gave feedback.  In addition, posting that you’re sad, sick, upset, in most cases are invitations for you admirers to respond.

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2 thoughts on “How To Tell If Someone Likes You On Facebook @duttyberryshow

  1. iisha

    Wowww I like this one guy post all the time every time I didn’t realize it till now dammmm how many times I liked all his post pics dammmm


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